About the Public Vote and the Community Choice Award

*The school that receives the highest number of public votes will be the winner of the World’s Best School Prizes Community Choice Award 2023. The system counts the unique votes (to counter vote fraud) based on single voter registration with a unique email address.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Public Vote

Each person can only cast one vote, for their favourite school across all five categories.

Anyone can vote. There are no restrictions for voting - you only need a valid email address (and access to that email inbox) to confirm your vote.

Yes, they are allowed to vote - all the data they share during our registration process will be protected as stated on our T4 Privacy Policy.

Voting is free for everyone. You may be subject to your standard internet access charges or data charges if you are using a web browser on your mobile phone.

No, you can only vote for one school across the five categories. All fifteen schools compete on the same grounds for the Public Vote, regardless of the categories in which they are running for the World’s Best School Prizes.

If you don’t have an email address to register, unfortunately you will not be able to vote. Every voter needs to confirm their vote through their email inboxes to ensure the vote is valid, in order to guarantee a fair voting process.

All you need is to have a valid email address to confirm your vote. We will send you an email right after you submit your voting form. If you aren't able to confirm your vote via your email, unfortunately we can't count your vote in.

If you can't find the email in your inbox as per the email address you provided, please check your Spam folder. If you still can't find it, please contact us: https://vote.worldsbestschool.org/vote/contact-us

The winner of the Community Choice Award will be unveiled at the Winning Ceremony of the World’s Best School Prizes, an online global celebration, open to anyone to attend. More information at: worldsbestschool.org


Date of last amendment: September 2023.